Kalau kamu gembira kata “Hurray!!”

02 Dec


Hurray! Pada report yang sudah siap.


Hurray!!Pada kerja-kerja pembersihan hard-disk.

My Documents – Open – PDP II – right click – D.E.L.E.T.E!!!!

Microsoft AutoCAD – uninstall

Microsoft Visio – uninstall

Ouh, dan segala ruang2 hard disk yang telah dikosongkan itu bolehlah diisi dengan segala movie-movie atau siri-siri terbaru yang akan didonlod, hoyeh!!


Dan tidak ada apa yang lebih menyejukkan hati dari double scoop of Love Potion and err…ais krim perisa kopi yang entah-apa-nama-pun-tak-tahu. Yummy!!!

Some amusing quotes about ice-cream:

“Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.”
— Jim Fiebig

“I doubt whether the world holds for any one a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice-cream.”
— Heywood Broun

“Without ice cream life and fame are meaningless.”
— Unknown

“My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy the ice cream while it’s on your plate.”
— Thornton Wilder

“To explain responsibility to  men is like trying to convince an eight-year-old that sexual intercourse is more fun than a chocolate ice cream cone.”
— Howard Luck Gossage (Ha-ha!Nice one!)

we scream for ice cream!

we scream for ice cream!

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Posted by on December 2, 2008 in Saja Mengada, Sekolah


One response to “Kalau kamu gembira kata “Hurray!!”

  1. amirahsyuhada

    December 3, 2008 at 10:59 pm

    download filem dari mana? limewire or bittorent?


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